Taking the Turcot to Arizona

It would be appropriate for me to rant about the new “immigration” law in the state of Arizona. It reminds me of a similar law in Europe, during and prior to the great depression, where members of an elite, semi-secret police force known as the Gestapo would stop people at random and ask for their papers and if they didn’t have them or the papers said the wrong thing (ie Jewish, Gypsy, etc.) they could be arrested and tortured and usually never seen or heard from again.

A possible solution?

I have an aunt who is living in Arizona. She is an immigrant, but is unlikely to be questioned, as she’s a white immigrant from Canada. Not exactly a foreigner. Plus, her new husband is from there (the reason why she moved there in the first place) so I have some kind of concern about it. (She isn’t exactly a close relative)

Onto the next subject.

Now about Turcot. I live almost underneath it and I don’t like the municipal government’s plan. I do not wish to be turfed out of my apartment, which I just got back. I do not wish for more noise, more polloution, or more congestion than I already have. Having said that, I also do not wish for the dilapidated existing structure to fall on my head, either.

If I am to be turfed out, the very least the city can do, but of course won’t do, is buy me a new luxury condo and pay all of my moving and furnishing expenses. This goes for everyone living in the area, which has some residents whose ancestry in the area dates back to the time of Jacques Cartier. St. Henri will become like another Griffintown, or another Goose Village.
Another reason why I want Tremblay and his administration voted out. However, I realize that it would do no good to do so, as the new mayors will fall prey to the same mobster money, just like the previous one. We cannot eliminate the mafia, because if we do, another mafia will simply take its place.

I already ranted about how I see the mayoral offices as essentially being in an overpriced ivory tower that’s full of money-grubbing, greedy beaurocrats intent on bilking the city of every extra dime the average citizen might earn. The city likes to fine people and seems to think that tripling fines every now and than should only bring in more revenue to the city coffers, instead of discouraging the illegal activity.

Some bylaws are put in place for the sole purpose of creating fines for violations. How else can you explain certain idiotic rules and laws that seem deliberately illogical. This is because people in general are somewhat logical creatures and illogical northodoxy can lead to greater profits through the time-honoured traditional practice of bilk and steal, but call it a fine.

For example: how come you couldn’t use a combined fare with a bus pass, but you could with a bus ticket?

Of course we could try to send Tremblay to Arizona, but he’d travel on taxpayer’s money and probably try to bilk someone there. No stranger to sometimes racist laws, he could probably teach them something – oh wait, I’m thinking of Harel, his main rival and the reason he was voted back in.

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