Tax yourself!

What the hell is going on here!? I’m not happy to need to pay more tax on fuel, have more tax taken from my paycheque, more tax on my tuitions and a user fee every time I need medical assistance, along with longer wait times and reduced services. This new budget is just plain bad.

The minister of finance gives himself a big fat raise and increased the percentage of all kinds of taxes. Furthermore, The Gazette seemed very biased and apparently inaccurate, since 10,000 plus protesters (compared to 150) were actually there…on a workday! I’d have been there too, but I was at work.

Chia-head and his cronies are a bunch of selfish, greedy louts! The ONLY reason they’re in power is that they are NOT the PQ! They know this and because of this, they feel that they pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever they want with the province’s finances and economy.

Like their opposition, they believe that Quebecers should have more unemployment, more desperation, more crime, fewer jobs and fewer businesses. It’s no secret that many companies which were founded in Montreal have long-since moved their head offices and no longer even sell their products here.

An old joke…

Q. How do you start a small business in Quebec?
A. Start with a large one and wait!

It’s ridiculous. We already pay the highest taxes in North America and now they just went up. This is no better than the PQ! All political parties with any clout in the Province of Quebec are all the same! And all of them are bad!

I don’t think I’ll bother voting in the next provincial election. Why waste my time? On the other hand, the government of Quebec wants to erode the people’s rights. I better vote while I still can. The Fascism of the provincial government is nothing new. It dates back at least as far back as Duplessis and probably further.

Mr. Charest, this new budget hurts me. It hurts all Quebecers, a lot! Now I’m told I have to pay if I use medicare!? There is something very wrong here! Obama is turning on his people and Charest is turning on his. The real reason why there is a separatist party in opposition is that they want the people of Quebec to become officially state-controlled PEASANTS!

The only solution I can think of is to kill every politician in Quebec and start over with new ones, but that’s just Same Shit, Different Day and therefore will not work.

So how do we fix this problem? Anger and frustration and disappointment of the populace won’t do it. Neither will overtaxing people further then they were overtaxed before, no matter how much you pay yourself, Mr. Charest et al.

I think that as I’m pulling myself slowly out of a big hole, I don’t need to be further burdened. The government’s solution to corporate greed: tax the consumer further. The oil companies are thoroughly hosing everyone with ludicrously high prices, in large part to fund terrorism on all sides of the issue.

The Quebec government is not helping. – and none of this DR. Phil “Tough love” bullshit! Just because there are a few heroin addicts in the province doesn’t mean that everyone is. We shouldn’t all be treated accordingly. I know. Quit yer whining and bellyaching while I’m stabbing you in the belly and punching you in the stomach.

I guess it’s like the bumper sticker says: “Don’t steal, the government doesn’t like competition!”

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