The Devil’s Solution or Why can’t we diaper cattle?

This is progress. Ape-like creatures figure out how to make and use tools. Soon fire and animals are included among these tools. Eventually this race of ape-like creatures organizes itself into families and into cities and countries.

As the population grows, so do the cities. As the cities grow, they take up more land that was previously used for agriculture and wildlife. These ape-like creatures are now digging deep holes into the ground and making things out of the metals they extract, burning the oils they extract, polluting the atmosphere.

Is this progress? Urban sprawl in Florida

Soon these cities are overcrowded stinking places of filth and disease. Then they switch certain crops for other crops and certain livestock for other kinds of livestock.

Which brings me to this question: why can’t we “Diaper” cattle and put their exhausts to good use in making methanol? Why must we raise cattle and soybeans now instead of sheep and goats and flax and oats? Why can’t we mix wool with linen? Why is beef so much cheaper than mutton?

Etc, etc.

The world is upside down. This is why we let the ludicrously wealthy get wealthier off of our backs and our labors. We persecute a man who abuses his dog before a man who abuses his own children. Celebrities are guilt-free, only to be the guiltiest. What the heck is going on around here!?

Corporations like to try to force people to buy their products, whatever they may be. Some are audacious enough to sue those who don’t buy from them despite their products being harmful and in some cases even illegal.

Why do we let other people run us into bankruptcy while they get rich off of our miseries? We are Satan’s sheep, aren’t we?

At least that’s how these corporations like to treat us. Some self-important CEO who inherited too much money and made even more has the right to push us around and ENSLAVE us in exchange for a very small piece of what he has, but only because he knows that he gains by it.

I know that corporations are usually run by more than one person, but everyone who controls this with iron fists of greed is evil. The world is an evil place.

There is one easy solution. Perhaps a bit radical, but not really. In order to eliminate the problems, we must simply remove ourselves from the equation. In fact, we must forcibly remove all parties from said equation.

It’s really all very simple. I call it the “Devil’s Soloution.”

Destroy everything. Without the human race, there can be no smaller squabbles such as wars and hatreds between subcategories of peoples, or for that matter individual people.

Of course… the “Devil’s Soloution” isn’t one we’d likely consider, at least not in a quick and painless fashion. No, we as a race of creatures tend to prefer the universal death to be slow, painful and rather drawn out, preferably over several millennia.

The harsh truth is, we’re killing ourselves to live. We need our planet to live on and draw our sustenance from, but in doing so we’re slowly but surely destroying it. No way around that one.

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