The emotion of hatred

Hello, everybody. Let me begin this week’s rant. For those of you who might have cared to watch last night’s buffoonery in one of our very few self-produced programs, the subject at hand was feminism.

First off, please don’t judge me negatively simply because I was born a boy. I know about the war against boys and I know that every male is a misogynistic rapist according to some of your weaker members, who get carried away too easily, or who have a hidden agenda. Hidden agendas are Always sinister – see, I can have an all-encompassing, knee-jerk reaction too.

I understand the emotion of hatred. I’ve felt it before too. I am Human, after all. I can see how anyone can be swept up into misandry or misogyny, or even overall misanthropy.

I consider myself an egalitarian. I believe that a woman’s capabilities can be equal to a man’s, on anything. Of course, everyone is different from everyone else. Just because one woman is better at something than me doesn’t mean that all women are.

I very strongly think that it’s deplorable that women are paid less for doing the same jobs as men. I’ve worked in some highly physical jobs where they didn’t hire women, simply because the people there think that women are physically weaker than their male counterparts. I know of one woman who had applied anyway and the reception she got, in front of me, was something that could almost be considered worthy of pressing charges as a hate crime.

I know that this is a rarity. I will not work at any of those places and I don’t think that it’s fair to hire solely within a single gender. This depends on the size of the company, of course. Of course, I’ve been turned down for several jobs because I am a male. To quote a famous line from Ani DeFranco, a bisexual singer who considers herself an ardent feminist, I don’t think I’m better than you, but then, I don’t think that I’m worse.

I also know that many feminists are very self-righteous. Many seem conceited. Some even violent towards others and I’ve even met one or two in the past who were poisoned by their own venom, hating men so much as to reveal that they were actually self-loathing.

I also disagree with the majority of Muslim countries and traditions regarding women. I believe that any woman should have the right to choose whether she wishes to be traditional or non-traditional. I believe this right extends into many areas of life and that a choice in one category should not be necessarily binding in another.

I know that the majority of feminists are women. Some are men, but that’s a rarity, largely in part due to the fact that many feminist organizations will not let a man in. You hear so many horrible tales of abuse, neglect and embitterment. Trouble is, it’s a two-way street.

I know I wrote not to henpeck at the farmer, but it’s also true that things seen as abuse are very often provoked and let’s face it, the majority of men can be brutish and stupid at times. As I said before, Women are capable of the same things men are.

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