The evil season of winter is coming fast

You know it when the temperature drops. Puddles solidify and soon the slush, sleet and snow come falling down upon us by the storm-load, sometimes dropping as much as two feet of snow at a time. Things die in this season. Things are buried and people suffer.

It starts with the massive force-feeding of irritating, annoying advertising. Lots of it. Holiday BS promoted and pushed heavily by the government, the church, along with various industries, all vying for your dollar until you’ve incurred so much debt you can’t climb back out of it. It is a season that starts with a lot of greed, avarice and debauchery, promoted and pushed and peer-pressured until you’re well past that boiling point. The advertising comes out in various forms. Some religious holidays seem to loosely coincide with this greed-fest, but they too, are a part of it.

The “Holiday season” is when right at the beginning of winter, we are encouraged to exhaust our resources, before four months more of winter. Some people pray to a fat corporate logo, which represents, in reality, the devil. The devil flying around the world and gives gifts to “Good” children and gives dirty coal and beatings to “Bad” children. “Good” children usually have generous parents and “bad” children usually have poor, stingy, or miserly parents. Children, choose your parents wisely. The powers that be have people pray off their greed and avarice and will their thrill seeking and wanton desires to be filled. They claim to pray for peace and try to guilt-trip people into giving much into various charities, while many of those who are in bad situations are only forced to worsen their own scenarios by giving in the few resources that they have to satisfy the needs and wants and desires of themselves and to make the wealthy remain so, cheapening their own resources in the process.

This is a season of death. This is a season of hardship. This is a season of disease. All of which affect us in various negative ways. It becomes harder to find food, particularly for animals that do not hibernate. Many creatures starve to death. The cold makes it harder to breathe and also stifles the immune systems. Pretty soon, hypothermia sets in,   while people start to develop often painful illnesses and begin to die of heart attacks and strokes.

The roads and sidewalks become slippery, holes begin to form in the road, causing breakages and sprains and injuries to axles and ankles alike. Vehicles require more fuel in order to warm up the engines so they can correctly run. Resources are sparse and people begin to get used to it, playing winter games, many of which cause other injuries, insults and upsets, all in a vain attempt to make the best of it, all the while freezing and complaining constantly.

…And then somebody throws a snowball with a rock buried in it right at my forehead. Don’t you just love winter!

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