The Maladies of Adam Stokes at the Free Times Cafe

Josh, Mikey and Kohji (above) of the band, the only members who fit on stage at Free Times Cafe

The Maladies of Adam Stokes, an up-and-coming indie band from Toronto, played an intimate show at the Free Times Café as part of CMF on Saturday night. Though their set was later in the evening, the venue was packed full of eager fans. The venue was too small for the number of people who came out to catch their set, but also three of the six band members had to set up off-stage to perform. Despite the lack of space, MOAS captivated their audience from the first note to the last, playing songs mainly from their album City of Trees, the title track of which has a beautiful video and is posted on their website.

The band, made up of Mikey Hill (vocals and guitar), Emily Anderson (piano and violin), Kohji Nagata (guitars, trumpet, glockenspiel), Josh Awerbuck (lead guitar), Brett Harris (bass) and Ted Turner (drums) play folk/rock songs largely inspired by Mikey’s experiences as a pediatric resident.  Themes of love and loss pervade the music which is wonderfully shaped by the creativity and skill of the other band members.  The band has steadily been gaining momentum and are now regularly playing sold-out shows. They released their first full length album, City of Trees, in late 2012 and followed the release with an east coast tour.  The Maladies of Adam Stokes are a delight to watch and you will surely hear more of them in the near future.

After the show we got a chance to sit down with the band to talk about their name, and what they’ve got planed for the future. Check out our Interview with The Maladies of Adam Stokes.

Maladies Adam Stokes
photo by Emma Turner


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