The Montreal Music Festival You’ve Always Wanted To Go To (But Probably Haven’t Heard Of): M for Montreal Is Next Week

Montreal is internationally known as a cultural mosaic; the city’s diverse forms of artistic expression draw from Quebec’s Francophone roots, urban centres such as Toronto, as well as various locations both in the United States and Europe. So it really isn’t a shocker that Montreal’s musical scene is brimming with talent­­ you may recall that Montreal has a legacy of producing some of Canada’s most popular and critically acclaimed music acts (from Leonard Cohen to Arcade Fire).

Why, then, when the words “Montreal” and “music festival” are linked in the same sentence, must we automatically assume Osheaga? Though the summer festival attracts a ton of top talent, it doesn’t really reflect the deep pool of gifted musicians that call the 514 home.

From November 18th to the 21st, M for Montreal will be showcasing some of Canada’s best musical talent (with a few notable contributors from both the US and Europe). Headlining the festival will be Grimes (formerly a student at McGill) as well as Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta! and their special guests, Yukon Blonde.

Though these headlining acts will draw in many fans, M for Montreal’s primary purpose is to serve as a “platform for showcasing local musicians and helping them expand their international networks.” Quite literally dozens of incredible acts on the brink of international success will be gracing various Montreal venues over the festival’s four­day duration.

There’s something for everyone, too. If you like hip­hop and soul, Montreal’s­ own Busty and the Bass will be performing November 20th at Club Soda. Is indie or low-­fi rock more your thing? Filling that void will be the likes of Fuzz, Alex Calder, Moon King and Look Vibrant. For electronic fans, there’s 80s-ins­inspired, BC­based act Miami Nights 1984 and DANGER.

Without a doubt, M for Montreal will be an incredible sonic experience that celebrates the unparalleled depth and diversity of Canadian music, and will serve as yet another example of Montreal’s status as an international artistic hub.

For the schedule:

* Featured image of Grimes, courtesy M for Montreal

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