The Rage Against Paul Ryan

This weekend I saw a very interesting post on Forget the Box co-founder Jason C. McLean’s Facebook wall in which Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello criticized republican Paul Ryan for listing Rage as his favourite band. Tom claimed that Ryan is “the embodiment of the machine our music has been raging against for two decades.” While there is no doubt that Rage’s politics are well-known and far to the left, this makes me wonder what liking a certain type of music or band has to do with one’s political views?

I know a lot of people who love Rage Against The Machine, some of whom are conservative (myself being one of them). And while I do not agree with most of Rage’s political views showcased in their lyrics, I think it’s tough to deny that the music itself is top notch, influential and just overall good. And that’s the point.

Does there come a point where artists like Rage can recognize that their music is just so good that political elites such as Paul Ryan happen to enjoy it? Think about it. Not very many bands out there openly acknowledge a right-wing stance, yet a lot go to great lengths to make their leftist stances known. In any case, one might argue a good majority of bands strongly support the left. Except for, um…


But aside from this, what’s really so difficult to comprehend? Rage Against The Machine is a good band. I’m sure many would agree. So is it hard to understand why Ryan may happen to like them? Maybe the man has good taste in music? But aren’t conservatives supposed to be against art? It’s these little things that demonstrate the media party’s bias.

Imagine if Ryan had said he didn’t like Rage Against the Machine because of their lyrics and political views. Guaranteed you would have had MSNBC and left-wing pundits claiming Ryan hates good music, and that he can’t put political views aside for the sake of art. There is no doubt a double standard that is very evident.

This, however, is even more shocking. And relevant.

Richard is referring to the Republican who said that legitimate rape rarely results in pregnancy. While Todd Akin’s comments are most certainly absurd, the complete lack of professionalism shown by Cheese is staggering. To say, “This is my page, and if you don’t like it, then go listen to the Republican party’s pro-life lounge singer. Oh wait, they don’t have one, because they’re a bunch of fucking wingnut cavemen,” is too ridiculous for words.

Stay classy, left-wing artists. No denying you’re talented, but you’re also more obnoxious than supporters of Al Quds day.

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