The Scourge of Planet Earth

I think I deserved last week’s punch in the face. I probably deserved all those bullies hurting me back in high school. I most likely deserved to never have been born. I’m not allowed to be flawed or confused or mistaken. I fall into traps easily and struggle, sometimes for years, to get out of them. Enough about me. I’m not really the one with the problem here, it’s everyone else…

Unfortunately I belong to the worst species that this planet has ever known, the most vile scourge ever to evolve on the face of this planet, which we’ve scarred and destroyed in a very slow and torturous manner.   We are the most greedy, paranoid, destructive and self-destructive, controlling and confused animals ever to walk the face of the earth.

Ok, it’s true that we’ve maybe done a few good things in the past, but for the most part we’re pretty bad. We drain the oil out of the ground and use it to pollute our atmospheres and our oceans. If we truly were created, then whomever or whatever created us created a monster. Even our constructive acts and creativity come through destroying something else. Changing the form of anything effectively destroys whatever said thing was to begin with.

Take for example a wooden door with a brass doorknob. In order to make the door, first we had to kill probably at least two trees. We had to first mine the copper and the zinc out from the earth, then pound and smelt them into the form, then melt and mold the doorknob out of them. Any burs must be trimmed off and smoothed away and usually don’t get properly recycled, a process which, while conserving resources, can sometimes be just as polluting as the initial processing process was.

The world of politics would also be a lot better off if not for populations of people. It probably wouldn’t exist as we might think of it, but can you imagine wars without armies?

The world economy would also be much better off without us greedy humans, who build it up only to decimate it. If money and trade had never been invented, because humanity never existed, the wealth of untapped resources on this planet would be incredible!

I deserved that punch in the face last week.

Of course, this isn’t how it came down. And maybe I’m being a little too specific about the whole concept of just humanity itself as the problem, as it would also make sense for gorillas, orangutans, baboons or cats to never have evolved, either.

Grapefruit shouldn’t have evolved either, along with all other genetically modified organisms. According to some of the creationists I’ve read about in analog magazine, this includes humankind which, according to a certain book called “Genesis” was created over the course of a day, as the whole of the universe took only a week to create. It took “humanity” which then consisted of two organically modified creatures, one genetically engineered using the DNA taken from the rib of   the other one, and one of the conspirators, a reptilian, taught the naïve and newly created second unit to consume fruit from a tree which should have been poisonous to the first unit, ultimately created for the purposes of enslavement and sale around the galaxy. -If you believe that sort of thing.

Instead, we’ve put a new island made out of plastic into the ocean, which keeps growing larger and more toxic to the entire planet by the hour. As it is written, “For a good time…” What- Who’s been tampering with my script again?!

Damned Humans!

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