There’s still no brotherly love in Philly: Flyers VS Habs playoff rematch at Brutopia

Well, well, well. Been waiting for this rematch for a while. The day we finally play the Philadelphia Flyers. Hmm, the last time I remember watching the Habs play Philly it was 20 degrees outside, Ste Catherine’s was closed in case of a riot and I was wearing short shorts.

Yes indeed, fond memories of the playoff run from last Spring however not so fond memories of the outcome. The Habs lost in five games and were on the outside looking in on what could have been. The Flyers lost the Cup, what a waste of a Stanley Cup slot.

We return to the rematch and to a familiar haunt downtown: Brutopia. I chose this bar as it was one of my familiar playoff bars, it was also the one I went to for the Habs’ last playoff game. Let’s stir up some new good memories.

Brutopia is known for their micro brewed beer and as a good live venue for small bands in the heart of downtown, and as of late is building a reputation with their kitchen. Brutapas as they’re known, serves up a gourmet fusion of delights to snack on during the game. A change of pace from traditional pub food as they add a twist to their chicken wings, burgers and calamari.

And this segways to Mike Cammalleri scoring the first goal. Funny that I’ve completely forgotten that he’s been on a five game point spree. Well, there’s been so much going on; defense drama, Price and Plekanec playing like all stars, Gionta finding his scoring touch these last few games, I will never forget you again Cammalleri.

I did opt for a light meal that evening: homemade guacamole with tortillas and I shared a Cubano sandwich: roasted pork with avocado, lettuce and aioli served on a baguette. It’s no Philly cheese steak but good. The guacamole I felt the serving could have been a little more generous since I was sharing however the cilantro and onion added a little kick.

I found it a little quiet for a game night as we were watching the game in the basement floor. Brutopia has three floors but the basement is best as they have comfy chairs and a large TV. Do come early as the prime spot is gone in an instant. And good news, happy hour is from 5 to 8 so you can still get 5 dollar pints for the first period. If there’s a Monday game, happy hour is all night.

My hate for the Flyers has continued ever since that day in late May, where a big man in big pads (Michael Leighton) ruined the Cinderella story that was Montreal. The team learned a lot from that experience, we switched goalies for one thing. The Flyers on the other hand, are still waiting for Leighton the wonder goalie to play as he has a back injury. Sergei Bobrovsky is another young hot goalie on the rise however Carey Price had the hotter hand.

I did feel some nostalgia as the Movember moustaches made is seem like the rugged playoff look; Travis Moen is starting to look like Larry Robinson.

When the Flyers play, they play hard and hit harder. Knocked the “h” off of the PhD line, hope Halpern will be fine. We already lost Markov but the team has adapted to playing like a team and not rely on a sole superstar. This gives new, young defense like PK Subban the minutes to shine.

Subban still has ways to go in his rookie year but knows that Philly will do whatever it takes to get under his skin, hence the 3rd period resulting in various roughing penalties.

Note to Max Lapierre: if you’re going to get into a fight, actually fight. Maybe stick to trying to score pretty goals, Max.

I was hoping that there would be various amounts of hate streaming from last Spring. Hell, even Carey Price looked like he was ready to drop the gloves.

In the end, the Habs got their revenge, 3-0 and another Price shutout.

A word of advice: avoid the orange metro line between Bonaventure and Lucien L’Allier after a Habs home game. It slipped my mind and was engulfed in a sea of Bleu, Blanc and Rouge smelling of beer and full of cheers. It’s great that the fans from the Bell Centre get to go home happy, but I just want to make it home in one piece.

At least the outcome from Brutopia was happier this time!

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