This was a strange and reckless musical adventure: 2010 year in music

In 2010 We Heart Music covered and saw over 41 artists, talked with four bands, attended two major Montreal music festivals, and created our own music month. Oh, and of course drank over, uh, lots of beer and liquor at various venues in Montreal and Brooklyn (seriously, we could have put someone’s kid through university).

Our livers may not love us these days, but we still heart the music. Even though we may not remember every guitarist’s name or the name of that girl who performed at Casa with The Burning Hell (oh wait, we did figure that out. Hey Ragged Dick!), we’ve tried to bring you a mixture of talented and emerging artists. Of course, “each to their own” when it comes to musical taste (it’s an olive to a date-square kind-of situation).

So, let’s get to the strange and reckless 2010 music goods…

(Fred suggests you listen to this while reading.)

The Doors – People Are Strange by beeq

It started out in a dark venue, where the lights dimly lit a small group of transgendered people (Rae Spoon @ Casa). Weeks later that same dark, dimly lit venue became an animal house, controlled by a wild Ontario man who dragged our eyes and ears into the bathroom to expose us to his ranchy and confetti-like tunes (B.A. Johnston @ Casa).

It wasn’t long until we all became hypnotized and began to feel like a package of pop rocks (FTB @ POP Montreal), roaming the streets of Montreal searching for venues, bands and parities, hiding from east coast monsters named Theodore (Oh No! Theodore @ Vegas).

Somewhere along the adventure we fell lustily for a foal (Foals @ CPJ), turned into lushes who danced richy (Rich Aucoin @ Le Belmont) and watched the sky turn wooden with some hot BC dude named Blonde (The Wooden Sky & Yukon Blonde @ Sala).

It got pretty fuzzy as we all passed out on the Mount Royal mountain. When we woke, our ears where screaming for madness for Montreal. It was then we started to hear about Brooklyn and the riots and the phantoms (Phantogram @ Il Motore) that Ben Franklin (Ben Franklin @ Bruar Falls) once knew! “Oh, Oh,” we shouted as we realized we had all gone loco (FTB @ M for Montreal, FTB goes Loco + the Brooklyn scene).

We became strange. We yearned for our home. We wanted what our ears could have had and turned our sights to a looking glass. We were now flys on a bar wall (Caroline Glass @ Bar Fly). Stop. See. Listen. It was in our backyards all along. And now, we are here, flying in and out of the smokeless venues that line the streets of Montreal. The End.

Now that story time is over, let’s look at a few of the artists we covered. Some of these links will go to the same article, but hey! I know you’re excited to see this list. This list is in alphabetical order, because that’s how I roll.

Here’s our coverage from the festivals and our special music month:

Cool beans.

Hope you enjoyed the little story and all the music and photos we covered in 2010.

Thanks to all the labels, bands, festival coordinators and music reps who let us into the venues, regardless of our state (joking!). But seriously, thank you.

Peace and check out the latest from The Concretes, Good Evening. They’re playing @ Sala on January 19 @ 8PM.

The Concretes – Good Evening by edsgms

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