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Good day to all of last night’s ghouls and goblins. I hope all is well. Today is November 1st and as such I should give a shout out to my baby sister, Alisa, who turns 31 today. Now that that’s out of the way, on with the rant.

It seems to me that certain friends of mine all have some kind of disorder. Most of my closest friends seem to at least have ADD, OCD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Manic Depression (AKA the Polar disorders) or Schizophrenia. Okay. I’ve disassociated myself with the schizophrenics from the past and I understand that the feeling’s mutual.

I have lived with a type of manic depressiveness, ADD, ADHD, eczema, sleep apnea and tinnitus for my whole life. I’ve learned to deal with it and struggled to cope with these challenges. I might have created a few monsters along the way. After years of childhood therapy, I chose not to seek psychological help, as many of my problems seem to me to be circumstantial.

Living in an unstable world with an unstable economy, receiving unstable income hasn’t helped this situation at all. In fact, most of the problems I’ve had can be traced back to my impatience, my short attention span and my financial poverty. This has caused me much frustration and stress, leading to further self-destructive behaviour.

I’ve had friends who have tried self-medicating, often with the wrong self-administered and self prescribed medications.

I don’t believe that there is a chemical solution to solve every problem one has in one’s life. I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies who make the disease to fit the new pill they’ve created as a cure. In fact, I see most pharmaceutical corporations and doctors acting as mere pill pushers.

Of course, a doctor’s prescription means that obtaining said pills can easily be done so legally through a system of pharmacies. I need Allopurinol and an anti-inflammatory pill to control the gout I have, allegedly as a result of drinking tainted milk in elementary school. I receive my pills through the mail.

I could easily go to a pill-pusher type doctor and get prescribed all kinds of medications, but I choose not to for a variety of reasons, which are as follows:

1.   Medications are expensive.

2. There are undesirable side effects

3. There are more pills to counter the side effects

4. I can’t swallow pills without chewing them first.   They make me gag whenever I attempt to swallow a pill whole, no matter how small the pill is.

5. Some medications are addictive and many are unpleasant.

While there are other reasons as well, I think you get the idea from the five above.

I’ve seen how some medications have affected many of my friends and often not in a positive way. My father lost his best friend due to a bad mix of medications and I’ve seen with my own eyes what certain pills can do. I’ve seen assorted friends have psychotic episodes, suicidal episodes and many anxiety attacks. I’m no stranger to anxiety attacks, but thankfully, I haven’t really had one since I was sixteen. I also know that obsessing over someone or something is never a healthy choice.

Well, that’s this week’s rant. Until next time…

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  • Oh, there are “pushers” out there who say “there’s a pill for that” the way iPushers remind you “there’s an app for that”

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