Toronto police arrest Native veteran at Remembrance Day event (VIDEO)

Davyn Calfchild served in the Canadian military and earned three medals over five years. He attended Remembrance Day events in Toronto yesterday not as a protester but as a veteran.

He was carrying a Haudenosaunee flag, the flag of his people, while his friend stood next to him carrying a Mowhawk Warrior flag. They were there to represent Native veterans who served or are serving in the Canadian military.

Toronto police didn’t see it that way and arrested both men for refusing to take down their flags along with a third Native man who was filming the incident. This despite repeated pleas from Calfchild that he was a veteran and there to support veterans, which, after all, is the purpose of Remembrance Day.

While most mainstream media focused on how Rob Ford was booed while one veteran refused to shake his hand or what Stephen Harper was doing, this video made the rounds online, showing how, sadly, not all veterans are welcome at official Remembrance Day events.

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