Tricks to Enjoy Igloofest to the Max

Last Friday I found myself entering Igloofest for the first time. My friends were surprised to learn it had taken me so long to actually attend this winter gathering. I could never picture myself dancing in the cold but last Friday I found a way to enjoy Igloofest properly and thoroughly. Here are a couple tips for dancing around in the cold and snow!

Bring a good pair of warm, waterproof boots

It’s kind of obvious that you should dress up warm but if you’re planning on spending more than fifteen minutes outside, the key is quality boots. I made the mistake of wearing a $3 pair of vintage boots that were taking on water like the Titanic . I almost decided to turn back after only five minutes of Igloofesting. That’s until I found another way of keeping warm…

Indulge yourself with too much mulled wine and Jagermeister

I know, all the scientific data says that it’s a lure; alcohol will not keep you warmer and will actually lower your body temperature. Bullshit! After two cups of mulled wine and four shots of Jagermeister (in 15 minutes) I’ve never felt warmer in my life. My feet weren’t cold anymore… I didn’t remember I had feet attached to my body! I’m telling you: a few drinks is the only way to survive for more than ten minutes in Antarctic weather.

Become friend with a member of the staff

If you start drinking as much as suggested above you might end up drying your bank account. At 6,50$ for a cup of warm wine the only thing that could possibly save you is a friendly bartender “forgetting” to charge you.

Avoid drugs

While being drunk might enhance your experience, I strongly suggest you avoid taking drugs. Popping MDMA outside in January will have you running inside in search of the warmest furnace. Being cold while on drugs is definitely a party killer.

Try bodysurfing for the first time of your life

Have you ever dreamed of bodysurfing during a music event? Perhaps you’ve been too scared to do it? Igloofest is there for you! We’re all wearing our big fluffy winter attire, three sweaters, five pairs of sweat pants and a giant fur hat. Even if somebody drops you, you’re assured to survive and you’ll probably even bounce a little!

Igloofest is taking place at Quai Jacques-Cartier during the three last week-ends of January. For the complete schedule make sure to visit their website.

Photos by Chris Zacchia, check out the full set on our Facebook page

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