Unabashedly Ecstatic for Neutral Milk Hotel

When I moved to Montreal three years ago, one of the most exciting things to me was the music scene. Growing up in a rural area, live shows just didn’t really happen much for me. By now, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of my favourite artists, and I have a growing list for the future. Until very recently, Neutral Milk Hotel was not on that list.

It’s not because I don’t want to see them, of course I do! But I was in elementary school the last time they performed, so forgive me for not being hopeful. Even though singer/guitarist Jeff Mangum has been performing more regularly in the past few years, I was shocked when the band announced their tour.

I have no shame in admitting that I’m so giddy and excited for this that I might as well still be in elementary school. I bought my ticket almost as soon as they went on sale and, after months, January 18 is almost here! Maybe I’m being lame (I’m definitely being lame), but I can’t help it. If it’s acceptable to scream and cry for One Direction (which I would totally also do), it should be acceptable to go equally as crazy for a reunited experimental indie band.

Okay, crying might be a bit overboard, I doubt it’ll come to that. But I mean, one advantage of no cameras being allowed in the venue for this particular show is nobody will be able to prove it if I do!

Neutral Milk Hotel perform Saturday, January 18 at L’Olympia.

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