The Unicorns @ POP !?!

I cannot impart to you how dope this band is. If you don’t have these guys in your rotation you need to get them in it right now. The Unicorns are a Montreal trio, well they came from out west; but recorded and lived here during the height of their buzz. It’s Nick Diamonds, Alden Ginger and drummer J’aime Tambeur. These dudes put out one of the best tricky lo-fi indie pop albums you ever heard:

They disbanded after a super stressful tour in 2004. But the impression left by their releases is far reaching— these guys are one of the sickest underground groups to ever come out of MTL, and honestly probably Canada.

After the break-up some members went on with different projects. One of these is Islands. Another gem of an act. I can’t say enough about the musicianship of the players in these bands:

These guys in The Unicorns are on some next level shit: wild syncopated drums that are rusty and ragged or quiet as smoke, always a new variation.

This progressive tendency plays out in every composition, and that’s why every tune is fresh as hell. The tracks move but are sad and plaintive and pretty. It’s worth mentioning, too, that all the band members can sing and write. I’m not exactly sure on the band’s process, but whoever’s behind the words has some sharp pen game.

So, yeah! They got back together quite recently and are slated to play this year’s POP festival! Like Wha?— I’m so going to that. Sep. 21, 8:30 at Metropolis. Check me there if you’re D…

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