Until We See

Until We See series By Hugo Trottier

This week’s Carte Blanche by Hugo Trottier is a provocative, mesmerizing series entitled, Until We See. Until We See features the laced-lined burlesque artists who participated in the 2010 Montreal Burlesque Festival this past September. His adapted versions and visions of these fearless burlesque artists was inspired by the Hope for Haiti soundtrack and more specifically Beyoncé Knowles’s wonderfully deep and uplifting song, Halo.

Throughout the series you will noticed the majority of the images are captured from a back view. We ask you to consider this idea: why are we always looking for beauty from the front? It seems we are always in search of beauty in face, we always question truth in the eyes, yet we never stop to appreciate what is in front of us until it is walking away. In this case, we want you not think of the concept of ‘someone walking away’, rather someone walking towards the beauty, towards the truth, towards another person or object that draws them closer to who they’re truly meant to be – even if it’s in the darkest night, they will stand tall.

Hugo wants us to recognize that though beauty may be beneath the skin, It is vividly seen when we bare our naked (almost naked for these women) bodies, when we expose our souls and spirits. Hugo’s images capture the truth of these artists spirits. Look closely at the poses, the attire and the attitudes that shine through each and everyone of these Gothic, black and white images. Notice the confidence these artists have. Notice the emphasis on creative angles and Hugo’s integration of his own personal artwork that accompanies them. Pay close attention to this series, can you see the Halos?

Click each image to see the slideshow.

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