Laurence Video Rants: The 1%

Like many, Laurence Tenenbaum isn’t pleased with how the 1% have ruined the economy, bought off politicians, ruined the lives of many people and continue to do so. He heads down to Occupy Montreal to deliver this video rant, which he sees as a warning to those who continue to rip off ordinary people like him.

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  • tell me about it……kind of fed up of getting ripped off myself……and of lies, and of people just generally pissing me off for no reason, I helped everyone I possible could, made them happy, and this is the garbage I ended up getting, I’m not going to let this happen anymore, thank you. As much as I do see good in people, I have a feeling that things have gone horribly horribly wrong in the favor of the wrong people recently. I’m fed up of people getting angry, of people getting what they want when they DON’T deserve it. I’ve been trying my hardest to make a living, and make a success out of my life, and I’ve had these disgusting people just drain and suck the life out of me, I’ve been unable to read, write, or even think properly because of these people, let alone work or even enjoy life. I’ve had it, this has been enough…….

  • And way to go Laurence!!!!

  • Yay! Laurence . . . I often wonder if corporations are in on the economic driver scene – hurting people emotionally (dumping on them in the street) and/or screwing up their love lives so that as we suffer they are sucking off our ideas for new product lines. Or is it no more complicated than some jackass bitching because he thinks he should be sleeping with you . . . Anyway, thanks Laurence, have a great night!

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