Wasteful Thinking (online doc premiere)

vegetables and people in an indoor market

food on a grocery store shelf and in a dumpster

With the world’s population projected to hit seven billion later this  year, a stable supply of food has never been more important.

Recent spikes in food prices have set off riots around the world and  have been linked to revolutions in the Middle East and the famine  devastating the horn of Africa. Even here at home, rising food prices are making people think more  about what they eat and where it comes from.

vegetables and people in an indoor market

But what people may not realize is just how much of the food we  produce is going to waste.

The documentary, Wasteful Thinking, takes a close look at the food  system in Quebec from the grocery store to the phenomenon of dumpster  diving and the growing demand at Quebec’s food banks.

Co-Produced by Judith Jacques and Tomas Urbina

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  • Great job! Very informative for those who need to wake up as well as for those who want to contribute to making a difference. I almost wept yesterday when I found out that the local bakery locks its dumpster so no one can take the huge bags of bread they throw out every day. Something is wrong when we feel it necessary to lock up our throwaway food!

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