WAWA (We Are Women Artists) in Montreal

There’s a lot of things going on in Montreal this Saturday – a lot of big things. We’ve got Nuit Blanche, MONTREAL EN LUMIERE festival, Smoke N’ Mirrors and The 13TH FLOOR with Daniel Bell, the WAWA show…and the list goes on. It’s good thing we like options, god-forbid the only thing going on Saturday night would be Bingo with Grandmamma and her pink-haired lady friends (which to be honest would be pretty fucking awesome). Amongst all these crazy, exciting events happening in Montreal there’s one we should pay particular attention to: the WAWA show.

The WAWA (We Are Women Artists) show is an annual event that happens in Montreal. This year it’s turning six and the line-up is what has us all talking. We’ve got Amanda Mabro, who’s known for her powerful, room shaking voice, Mirjana Milovanovic, a Cirque de Soleil gyspy singer and 2010 Juno award winners, and The Goodlovelies, among others. Those are some pretty good ear and eye pleasing pieces.

So, what is the WAWA show exactly all about? Amanda Mabro, known for memorable and astonishing performances at the 2008 and 2010 Montreal Jazz Festival and at OSHEAGA, will be performing. Her theatrical performance and voice is something that has Canada talking. She’s been busy promoting her own career while helping to show us what else is up with women artists

“I’ve always loved the idea of bringing people together and I love it even more when it involves creative work outside societal norms. Most of the WAWA artists are industry veterans in their own right and I believe they accept to be part of WAWA because it represents something that matters to them too: community and collaboration.” – Amanda Mabro

The WAWA Show, featuring Amanda Mabro is
February 26, 8 p.m. – $25@ Theatre Gesu Centre de créativité

Photos by Eva Blue

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