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Random Thoughts

Gary Lee – Platforms in the real sense are transitory or nonexistent. It’s all predicated by ‘expedience’ or the flavour of the month…all elected members gotta toe the party line and are told NOT to think and do stuff on their own otherwise they get no portfolios and remain backbenchers.

Michael Hureaux – A good many who don’t know also are those who really don’t give a damn, or those who are convinced that all of this mayhem is being conducted with a higher purpose in mind. The interesting and terrifying thing about the new totalitarianism is its blithe acceptance of state terror on the part of the “democratic” societies.

Jennifer Hureaux – class separation and slavery mentality is as much psychological as it is financial, so it takes equal stability from the individual in BOTH areas to free themselves of this society’s chains.

Raul Burbano – You can talk all you want, but the moment you start to organize, the authorities regard you as a threat.

Steven Katz – The capitalists have a problem. In order to legitimize their rule, they must win elections. However, their policies are against the interests of the masses of voting citizens. The main method they use is psychological control via dividing the working class with social and religious issues, including appeals to racism. Another method, effective in close elections, is to prevent poor and working people from voting. The US political system already rests on two big business parties and is designed to keep third-party candidates off the ballot in order to prevent the emergence of a mass political party of the working class.

NDP Leadership

Isabelle Morin – Premier caucus avec @ThomasMulcair! Looking forward to defeat cons. In 2015!!! Une equipe unie!!!

Brian Topp – When it’s over, it’s over. And like all New Democrats all across Canada, there must be only one thing on all of our minds from now on — unity behind our new leader, Tom Mulcair; strength; and an absolute focus on the task at hand, which is to offer Canadians a better government.

Donna Kildaw – Congratulations on your win and for taking the high road, an important quality to have in a Leader. I believe leadership contests are very tiring and emotional and a lot of misinformation gets put out there in the process. We need to get the correct information out there, such as – you never said you were taking the party to the center. I think you will be a great leader starting with uniting the party.

Joanne Bond – Congratulations Mr. Mulcair. You have restored our faith in democracy. Finally, a leader, not just for the NDP, but for Canada. I am looking forward to calling you Prime Minister someday.
Dan Veniez – Mulcair is no threat to Harper. (The Conservatives) are licking their chops at the prospect of taking him on. An angry, bearded former Liberal who no one likes, including most of his party, as Opposition Leader? The NDP have handed the Conservatives another lucky stick!

Ken Reyklin – This lifetime NDPer will not be able to support you for three reasons; Pot, Israel and your unwillingness to work with other parties in the next election.

Canada’s New Budget

Digvir Jayas – The federal government should be commended and congratulated for its long-term vision to increase productivity and prosperity for Canadians through investments in all aspects of research, development and commercialization.

Huy Lang – I just saw a tweet on Twitter about the CBC cuts. One person suggested “The National with Dean Del Mastro.” I would start watching the CBC if Dean Del Mastro were the host. Deal Del Mastro is way more entertaining than that bald dude Peter Mansbridge.

Sandy Alexander Thornton – I think Mr. Harper’s cuts to Federal sectors should start with his own Government, seeing as you are over paid to start with, and put people in there that can do the job with honest to the point objectives, and stop all the b.s.

Joe Cilantro – If you think that these cuts to health care are telling, just wait until the Canada Health Act has to be renewed and rewritten in 2014 – with a conservative majority in gov’t. A penny for your thoughts? Speak now or forever hold your piece.

Maggie Niemi Purchase – made my blood run cold. Harper seems to think he can turn Canada into some kind of “player”. Meanwhile, thousands lose their jobs from unnecessary cuts. He and his ideology have no room for compassion. It scares me.

F-35 Fighter Jets

Kid Peppermint – The Royal Canadian Navy isn’t getting anything better from the gov’t either – check the status of the 4 obsolete submarines we picked up from Great Britain.

Julian Fantino – all members present should know that this is the only fifth generation aircraft available to the Royal Canadian Air Force. This is the plane that Canada needs now and into the future…Canada and the associate minister are showing leadership on this issue.

Thea Kurdi – I like the line, “There is no moving on from a lie this big.” Like election fraud isn’t an even bigger issue? I guess the F-35 one is where maybe even conservatives might finally want to hold their party accountable. One can only hope!

Paul Darlaston – Could the increasing split of small-c conservatives in Alberta ripple up to the ranks in Ottawa? What if Harper has no choice but to throw former PC party leader MacKay under the bus? Will Splitsville result?

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