What an unethical, immoral world we live in

I just answered an ad for a job in the Montreal Gazette.   I phoned the number in the ad, only to be told that if I wanted to be considered, I had to mail my CV along with a money order for $20.

“Come Again,” I said.

“Mail in your CV along with a money order for $20 to this address.”

“I’m not paying for an interview!” I said as I cut off the lady on the other end of the   phone.   I never got the address because I was so incensed at the obscenity that was placed before me.   If I’m looking for work, what makes you think I have money for this and why should I pay you for an interview!

In school, I was warned about such practices.   Companies that charge even for an interview are only interested in collecting fees, exploiting potential employees and hurting people!

It is unethical, immoral and should be illegal for any company to charge a fee for a job interview.   Otherwise, this is misleading advertising and the person behind it belongs in prison.

I’m lucky I didn’t give them any information, except they now have my phone number through call display and through reverse lookup my name, my address and so on.

This is cause for Paranoia!   There are evil people out there trying to scam those of us who can least afford it.   If this ad was selling a course, it should have clearly said so and have been in the appropriate section. However, it wasn’t.   It was worded as an ad for a job.

I understand that the economy is rough and that jobs are scarce.   It’s hard to find a good job with decent pay and benefits and these days, at least for me, even harder to keep said job for more than two days shy of being able to collect unemployment.

This practise is sadistic, but the companies don’t want to pay their “employer contributions.”     That’s right, our own government is partly responsible for the lack of jobs in this City/Province/Country.

Companies expect superman for minimum wage and lower when they can get away with it.   They expect you to travel for miles and often require a car, but they don’t want to pay well enough for you to afford the gas to get there!   Meanwhile the company owner drives in with a different flashy new sports-car every day, starting with the most expensive, just to rub it in his employee’s faces.

Photo by Cindy Lopez

And speaking of gas, I’m constantly being alarmed by the wild fluctuations of gas prices.   I would have filled up the other day, but the price had jumped by 17 ¢ a litre so I didn’t.   I have to wait until it comes down again.

The oil companies are incredibly greedy and incredibly unstable.   If I could I’d likely be driving an electric car, but the oil industry made certain to mothball the production of them.

It’s no secret that the prices of fuel tend to fluctuate between obscene at their cheapest to “this tankful of fuel will cost more than your car is worth, but you need the fuel, you will buy it from us right now, so there!”

… and that’s the way it is. (R.I.P. Walter Cronkite)

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  • Oh wow. Ridiculous. I had something similar happen to me with a job…Never again.

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