What’s your party? From wholehearted supporter to the other end of the spectrum

It seems that the Harper government is now expecting to be called the “Harper Government” officially. They seem to want to try to alter the general hegemony in this country in order to keep control. Still, when I hear the term “Harper Government” it’s usually in a negative sense, and the few times I hear anything positive about the government, the particular political party in power   usually doesn’t have their name mentioned.

In fact I used to wholeheartedly support the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. The very first time I voted in a federal election, it was for Kim Campbell, because I wholeheartedly didn’t think things would degrade further if they   were re-elected into power, and that if the Liberals got in, the country would go to pot. I was 18, idealistic, and incredibly naive back then.

Since then, I’ve bounced politically from right to left, back to right, and back to left, usually trying to navigate my way down the middle of the road but generally keeping an uneven keel. I later voted for the Tories, NDP and Green parties, and I have been berated several times   for not voting Liberal. During the reigns of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, there were some die-hard Liberals who almost attacked me physically for being anti-Liberal. I admit that I have never voted Liberal in a federal election in my life, and I’m pretty certain that I never will.

When The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada merged with the Reform Party of Canada, I was feeling very skeptical of the way that things would turn out. I believed that the Reform Party of Canada was very dangerous and just as unstable as the Bloc Quebecois. Who, as a proud Anglophone living in the province of Quebec, I felt I must never vote for. That was akin, in my mind, to a Jewish person like me voting for the Nazi party immediately after the Holocaust. Of course I’ve always exaggerated things.

I supported Stephen Harper when the two parties merged, as I liked him better than Preston Manning. I supported the federal Conservative party until the Harper government began blundering, and bending over backwards for the Bush administration and their corrupt corporate backers, whose interests are not always in line with those of the general Canadian population.

I still prefer the Conservatives to the Liberals, but more and more I’ve been leaning towards the NDP. I admit that I’ve never liked Jack Layton, but still, I do agree with many of his party’s policies. Since voting in Canada is for your local representative, and not for the party leader, I will probably vote NDP in the next Federal election.

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  • Great rant Laurence! I’m so glad you’ve finally come around to the NDP!

  • I think this is a journey that many of us make, going from the dominant party were were raised with slowly over to the party that works for the same things we work for.

  • i don’t think you address the real issue in your rant. it’s that we have a leader in this country who wants to change his party into a personality cult. like any dictator he claims to reject the very crown that his horde of
    submissive hoodlums(his ministers and other followers)are offering him. like that other fuhrer in germany, he usurped the power first of his party and then of the government of canada. let us not forget that the conservatives took power with only 35%of the vote. 65% of the canadians who voted do not agree with his views but have been betrayed by their own parties who should have booted him out years ago through a coalition. canada would now have its proper place as a progressive country with a solid reputation as a leader in the fight against pollution and global warming. i still cringe when i remember how rona ambrose then environment minister made her announcements so diametrically opposed to the majority of the world nations but completely in line with the bush administration.
    they estimate that there is 800 billion dollars worth of petroleum in the tar sands. the ecological fallout from getting this stuff out will be suffered by many future generations.to sell oil to the americans and achieve economic progress the harper conservatives have sold their souls to the devil and canada down the river.
    harper is a dangerous man.

  • I’ve felt for several years that apart from their raison d’être, destroying Canada, the Bloc’s leader, and their social policy, is top shelf.


  • @Ethan Cox: I concur! Welcome aboard, Laurence

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