When the Doxxer Gets Doxxed: Anonymous Shares Roosh V’s Info with the World

Daryush Valizadeh, aka Roosh V, is many things. Misogynist, blogger, advocate of legalizing rape on private property, attention seeker, the list goes on. One tactic he has used constantly through all of his guises has been encouraging his troll followers to find out as much personal info about the women opposed to or even remotely critical of him and share it. Sometimes, he even doxxes them himself.

There was the time he tried to have a woman who started a petition against him entering Canada lose her child for being an “unfit mother” because she spent some of her time criticizing him on Twitter. There were the countless female journalists he urged his followers to doxx for reporting on him in an unfavorable light. More recently, after discovering the identity of the mystery woman who threw a beer in his face when he visited Montreal, he created a thread in his (now non-public) forum asking his minions to help destroy her.

But now, the tables have turned…

The doxxer has himself been doxxed. And he doesn’t like it one bit.

Anonymous Drops Roosh’s Info

Most of this week, social media, and even the mainstream press, had been talking about the so-called “international meetups” planned by Roosh’s site Return of Kings and many had been planning to protest them, including an all-female boxing club in Toronto. That was until Roosh supposedly pulled the plug on Wednesday, causing many to speculate that they weren’t cancelled, just now hidden and others to argue that they were merely nothing more than a publicity stunt all along.

The discourse changed yesterday. First, UK tabloid The Daily Mail revealed that this self-proclaimed alpha-male lived in his mother’s basement, causing many to snicker, then Anonymous (or more specifically the @WeAreAnonymous Facebook page) released Roosh’s home address, telephone number, cellphone number and even date of birth.

They doxxed the doxxer. The original post was reported and taken down, but only after receiving over a million views and over 10,000 shares.

(UPDATE: The second post containing the details by Anonymous has also been removed, but there are still several tweets and FB posts you can find that have them, just search the #rooshv hashtag)

Roosh Not Happy

Not surprisingly, but completely hypocritically, Roosh took to Twitter to voice his displeasure:

While normally I would agree with someone, anyone, decrying being doxxed and fearing for their safety or the safety of loved ones, this one time, it is different. Why? Because of the complete disregard Roosh has had over years of internet stalking and releasing personal information of women who dared to challenge his dangerous, misogynistic views.

I guess it doesn’t feel that good to be on the receiving end of a doxx, does it, Roosh?

Facebook Comments


  • “I’m going to be compared to Hitler,” Daryush Valizadeh told recently. Daryush Valizadeh, better known as “Roosh V,” was being quite literal. Few people have inspired such loathing online as this pick-up artist with a disturbing history of self-admitted violent rapes.

    So extreme are Roosh’s views he even managed to land himself on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s quarterly extremism report, a privilege usually reserved for neo-Nazis and terrorists.

    The Anti-Defamation League includes Daryush Valizadeh in anti-semitism movement in an article describing Anti-Semitism and Extremism Terrorism, article called “Pick-Up Artist Roosh V Moves from Misogyny to Anti-Semitism”

    Yesterday though, Roosh V took things even further:

    Roosh is straight-up giving advices on how to build weapons,
    how to use them in close range

    And probably the most disturbing, he is giving advices on how to properly ASASINNATE !!! european leaders:


  • Daryush J Valizadeh
    Jun 14, 1979 (37)
    (301) 622-9383
    (301) 598-8355
    11548 Lockwood DR #APT B2
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    habuki@verizon.net, roosh4@hotmail.com, dvalizadeh@aol.com, habuki@erols.com, d.valizadeh@wcthree.com

    I collected this a while ago. Checked to see if it was still valid, and it is:

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