Whiskey Epiphany’s debut soiree at NXNE

Whiskey Epiphany’s debut NXNE gig at Rancho Relaxo on Thursday night was a great success.

This folk rock group sounds like Mumford and Sons mixed with a rural southern influence. With guitar, bass and drums as the foundation, they add violin and strong vocal harmonies to round out the sound.

They played with enthusiasm and got the crowd moving along.  The subject matter in the lyrics is pretty vast, from socially conscious tunes, to sad love songs, to tales about loss and lies. Let’s not forget the token song Something About Whiskey, that talks of the dangers of overindulging in whiskey and the troubles that trusting the drink can bring to you.

But, if a whiskey-induced epiphany is what it took to get this group together then it can’t be all bad!  The band is fun and entertaining.  They play regular shows in the GTA and surrounding area so you have a chance to see them perform this summer, be it in a festival or a bar.

Check out their song Together:

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