Who is Joe Two-Four?

Well if you’re reading this, you were probably watching the habs game on the internet and someone kept saying to check out forgetthebox.net. You were probably wondering “who are these assholes talking over the game?” and so you decided to check out the website we kept plugging. Well those assholes are us! Welcome to Joe Two Four, the worldwide leader in painfully biased and highly unprofessional sports coverage.

Who we are: Habs fans

Who are we? Well we’re you… only cooler.

You: A habs fans who likes to watch the games and have a drink or two (or three or four) in the process. You watch the games at home by yourself on your computer.

Us: Same thing except we watch it in a big group of people on a big screen TV in HD. See! We’re alike, only we have friends and our TV is better.

You: Like to comment on the games. Probably yell a fair bit while watching. Think you know your shit when it comes to hockey and are willing to tell anyone that’s willing to listen what your opinion is.

Us: Same thing, just we have mikes and you don’t.

You: Probably hate that Bob Cole has ruined your HNIC viewing of the Habs and that Benoit Brunet is his french language equivalent for shittyness.

Us: Ditto! Except we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

Who we’re not: Cole and Brunet

I’m not saying that we do a good job in our broadcasts, just that we’re equally as bad as the rest of the crap on TV.

Why pick us then?

We’re free, we let you voice your opinions, we’re open to suggestions about how to make our show better and most importantly we’re always willing to let YOU come in and be a guest commentator. So put your money where your mouth is and drop us a line at joetwofour@hotmail.com or add us on facebook and send us a message there.

Tell us why you’d be a better broadcaster. Don’t forget to hurl a few insults in the process and for fucks’ sake make the message funny. With any luck we’ll be calling you up!

(By the way contestants must live near Montreal, be over 18, provide their own transport to our “studio” and must not be affiliated with forgetthebox in any way shape or form).

You can watch most Habs games streaming live with commentary from Joe Two-Four on Forget The Box TV

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