Whoa, Whoa, It’s Magic

“Close your eyes, I have something to show you.”

As I’ve been known to have an appetite for surprises in the bedroom, I had no choice but to surrender to a pleasure adventure. This particular lover has never been one to let me down in that department either. And from the moment I first heard the chugging motor, I knew I was about to meet a legend. The Hitachi Magic Wand.

Colloquially known as the “Cadillac of vibrators”, the Magic Wand was originally manufactured and sold as an electric body massager, and it might have remained that way until sex activist Betty Dodson became its loudest vocal champion in the early 70’s.

There is absolutely nothing sexy at all about the design. It features a soft  white sphere at the end, which is ofted compared with a tennis ball, and a long white shaft. It may not look like much but once you give it a go…

After feeling waves of pleasure ebb and flow throughout every inch of my body, he clicked the switch off. I exerted a small sigh of relief, as I didn’t think I could take any more pleasure. “Wanna try the high speed?” he said with a devilish grin.

“There’s a high speed,” I responded, somewhat sarcastically.

Click. If I had one of these, I would never leave the house. You don’t even have to worry about running out of batteries since it’s plugged into the wall!

Seriously though, it delivers very powerful vibrations with a consistent frequency. I gave me more orgasms that I could count, big ones, small ones, loud ones, soft ones. The major downside is the noise factor. As Celina Hex aka Bust magazine co-founder Debbie Stoller wrote of her first experience with the Wand:

‘I left my CD player on loud, to drown out the noise. (“Honey, is that girl next door using her blender at 1:00 am?” “What on earth is that noise?” “Well, she’s single, isn’t she? She’s probably using a vibrator! Ha ha ha!”)’

The name is definitely no coincidence because it really seems to work like magic. It’s something you have to try to believe. Some find the vibrations too intense, but if that is the case it can be diffused with soft or silky fabric. You can also buy a selection of attachments for it to be used as a G-spot vibe and more.

The primary downside, and really it’s a fair trade, is the noise factor. Finally, some ladies caution that overuse can lead to desensitization to the point where orgasm is damn near impossible without out.

The Wand can be purchased in many sex shops or online via Joy Toyz.


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