From Roswell to Will and Kate: What’s the real reason for dissolving NASA?

Will and Kate: Who cares?

I’m not going to protest their visit. In fact, I kind of like the fact that they’ve picked Canada out of all the Commonwealth for their honeymoon. However, it seems lately that Will and Kate’s Royal visit has dominated the news channels coverage since their arrival in Canada. It’s been non-stop Will & Kate this, the Prince and his wife that! I have to get my actual news from the Internet!

In reality, during from the Royal Visit, south of the border, which was formerly the world’s longest undefended border where you didn’t even need a passport to cross until the George W. Bush administration decided they wanted more revenue, Phoenix, Arizona has been hit and partially destroyed by a major sandstorm. The current administration, under President Obama, has apparently screwed up again, signing bills to take jobs away from American truck drivers, giving them to Mexican truckers.

Since in reality, this is a rant about NASA, I’ll now talk about NASA. It seems that NASA, according to certain US news channels, is soon to be dissolved, leaving astronauts, scientists and likely much of the CIA out of work.

It seems I’m still a space cadet.

When I was 10 years old, I remember being annoyed because the cartoons I wanted to watch were pre-empted by a certain tragedy involving seven astronauts. I was going to Florida the following month, and had been looking forward to watching a launch at Cape Canaveral, which my family had been planning to attend for almost six months.

The shuttle launch I would’ve gone to see was cancelled. This was because the ship had been launched late for its previous mission and returned to Earth in pieces.

Seven astronauts had died in that shuttle mission, but the President of the day, the late Ronald Reagan, did not decide to throw in the towel on the space agency, especially since the Cold War was still going on. I am, of course, referring to the Challenger disaster.

Twenty-five years later the shuttles are being retired without immediate replacements available, in large part due to the fact that the United States is broke. If the Bush and Obama Administrations destroyed anything, it was the US economy!

It seems that in the Bush and Obama administrations, the presidents of the United States have forgotten their first duty, which is, of course, to the United States. Instead they seem more interested in serving major corporations and causing wars for the profit of themselves and a few personal cronies.

I don’t know. Maybe NASA is being dissolved to reveal what’s been covered up since at least 1947, in Area 51, Roswell, New Mexico.   Remove the photoshopping out of most unnatural satellites in space photos, and reveal the conspiracies involving aliens, finally separating the fact from the fiction about it. Maybe 2012 is actually about “first contact” and therefore the end of the world, as we currently know it. Perhaps this was the reason for the sudden burst of technology and industry between about 1850 and now, and the birth of science fiction since then. Perhaps we simply needed to “catch up” to newer levels of technology.

I don’t know….

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  • I know it is just a rant, but we can at least try to get the first sentence right.

    Kate and William actually took their honeymoon in the Commonwealth country of the Republic of the Seychelles. I think that is a little more in line with their wealth than spending Canada Day in Ottawa.

    Secondly, no one is dissolving NASA. The Space Shuttle Program is coming to an end, but NASA will be involved in the International Space Station and a host of other space exploration projects.

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