Win or lose, then a win then another loss: The Canadiens in November

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Me thinks I can predict another loss this Wednesday, then a win Thursday. Or we hope in reverse.

What I love about the Canadiens right now is that as a team, they are still managing to stay in the mix despite losing a top defenseman and dealing with an 8 million dollar passer. While Andrei Markov is mending and Scott Gomez is rich in assists, the Habs are still playing amazing, most of the time. The negative is that there hasn’t been either a winning or losing streak as of late.

Yes, our solid lineup can’t seem to rack up a streak. I love when we win however there hasn’t been a back to back in a while. We can embarrass a team like the LA Kings in one game then get embarrassed by the Atlanta Thrashers the next game, then come to our senses by beating Buffalo the following night. It’s been like this all November. It’s a little lukewarm for my taste.

If they lose a few, it gives them motivation. If they win a few, it gives them confidence. Here, it’s a change up every few games to see what works. Consistency is key. The only consistency I’ve seen has been the play of Carey Price. Our cowboy goalie has been solid and, ho hum, shutout savvy.

Sucks about losing the last shutout bid with 73 seconds to go but he did out duel Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller last Saturday. Miller is the reigning Vezina winner as top goalie, the rest of the nation knows him as “The goalie that Crosby beat for Gold” at the Olympics. Ouch, that stings! Other than that, Price has so far been putting up Vezina like numbers.

And the Halak lover/Price hater I pick on from Facebook has been quiet since. And to the guy who’s girlfriend has a little crush on our goalie: At least Price can grow a REAL mustache. Chill, I was joking.

Then again, I’m a sucker for facial hair, the Movember look had been a big highlight for me. Who here wants to see Decembeard?

Still, if you want to pick on someone, pick on anyone picking on PK Subban.

As of late, there have been some questions towards PK’s style of play and how his confidence has been taken for cockiness. He is a rookie defenseman and being a rookie defenseman in a pressure cooker franchise like Montreal means to fight for your spot on the squad every night. If you don’t prove yourself, then you’re gone. Some guys can handle it, some can’t. See Ryan O’Byrne.

Tough being the rookie, tell me about it, I’m the rookie hockey blogger this season and they too want me to change my style of play.

Sure, the kid skates in circles, picks on veterans and gets into the mix with Atlanta defenseman Zach Bogosian (not his best fight) but it doesn’t mean he’s disrespecting, he’s just doing his job.

He’s not afraid to get into someones face, like he was with Crosby during playoffs back in October. The kid is gutsy and talented, so what if he’s picking on guys who’ve been here longer. There is no politeness when points are at stake. Just because he’s the new kid in town doesn’t mean he should back down and play it safe. Let him develop into the player he wants to be.

However consider you guys are picking on a bright rookie who isn’t overly likely to do goonish things like knee someone or knock someone out into the boards, really?!? PK’s style makes him potentially one of the most exciting defenseman to come along in a long time. I’m certain that the defensive core will use PK for good and not evil. As of late our special teams have been special and the power play has improved.

We just hope for a few celebrations in a row in December, along with the shiny highlights of Plekanec and Kostitsyn. They have been on fire all month, keep the streak going.  Let’s be generous, it is the holiday season now. I’ll drink to that, it’s the end of my month of no drink.

Shout outs of the week: Big shout outs to the blood donors at Windsor station on Monday who gave the gift of life and were rewarded with meeting the Habs. A great shout out to the back to back Grey Cup champs Montreal Alouettes. They are a strong, consistent team (there’s that word again) that delivered this past weekend in Edmonton and will celebrate on the familiar Ste Catherine for this Wednesday’s parade. May this inspire the Habs, we would like to see more celebrations on Ste Catherine. Also, a big happy birthday to the little sis, the biggest Montreal Canadiens fan in all of Edmonton!

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  • Count me in for the Decembeard- That would be awesome – it is one of the highlights of the playoffs though as well as the beard growing ad in last years playoffs ….kinda fun

    I agree on the need for consistency is needed. They also have to decide how long Markov will be gone for and go from there.


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