Win tickets for SKRILLEX, Pretty Lights & Diplo

FullFlex Express

FullFlex Express

ForgetTheBox wants you to check out SKRILLEX, Pretty Lights & Diplo playing Sunday at Parc-Jean Drapeau! And to get you there we’re running a contest to win a pair of tickets to see the show for FREE!

The show promises to be a blast! Just check out the video from his recent performance at the Festival d’ete de Quebec.

How do you enter? Simple. Just leave us a comment below telling us what you love about summer in Montreal! For extra chances to win “like” us on Facebook and re-tweet this article. It’s that simple! (Oh, ya. Time is of the essence so you have until 3 am to enter the contest)

The show is part of the FullFlex Express Tour roaring across Canada, and will be making their next stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

The show is presented by Evenko and Higher Groud featuring Skrillex with Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, KOAN Sound and Tokimonsta at the Parterre de l’Île Notre-Dame in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Facebook Comments


  • What I like the most about the summer in Montreal is that I can go to great music event like this one!

  • Summer in Montreal means not taking the beautiful weather for granted.

  • I love summer in Montreal because there is plenty of music fest, the weather is great, the terrasses are full of interesting people. I love it beacause it’s easy to enjoy life 🙂

  • In the summer I love drinking an iced cold PBR while reading well written and intriguing articles on Forget the Box. Later at night, I love going to sweaty, crowded, awesome parties with my friends at Forget the Box!

  • I love summer in Montreal because the TamTam is so cool =)

  • I love summer in Montréal because you can feel music everywhere on the brick walls, reverbrating back into your heart, filling you with love & lust.

  • Summer in Montreal is all about biking around town and enjoying the city. 

  • The coolness of the stainless steel benches on my thighs at Lionel groulx metro.

  • the art, the artists

  • Love going to outdoor events and hanging out in the sun and nature,deffenetly cracking an ice cold beer or many…But to find out where the cool party’s are happening I for sure go to to see videos,pics and comments abouts everything hot happening in Montreal!

  • What do I prefer about summer…PARTYYY !!!  i don’t have school anymore, everyday is a new party, I have the time to see my friends, my family! Finally i have time to spend with the people I love 🙂

  • How not to luv Mtl in summer. Common, it’s jammed packed with concerts and events. You gotta luv Montreal and go to Piknik Electronic one of the soooo many evens. Montreal is HAPPENIN’ ( :

  • I love a lot of things about summer , first of all this is my favorite season because I can do whatever I want without stress .I also love the fact that I can swim , go to La Ronde with my friends , making party and The sun make me feel so happy . In short , for me summer is the time for fun

  • Summer is the most fun season of all! we get to take advantage of the warmer weather and the longer days. We also get to do more outdoors activities and spend more time with friends.That’s why I love it so much.. you get to do stuff that you couldn’t do the rest of the year because of the weather.I have so much fun during summer that I wish it could never end. <3

  • The amazing Montreal vibe. I’m from Vancouver and as nice as the constant rain is, Montreal seems to have this vibe to it. It doesn’t matter if I’m on my deck listening to skrillex, or of in downtown walking down ste catherines, you just feel like summer is a part of you. Montreal really makes you smell the Montreal air, and sure te humidity isn’t the best but when you realize that the humidity is a bargain for what this amazing city offers. There are always amazing street performers, amazing metro musicians and generally amazing and uniquely interesting people floating around enjoying the same smells and tasteTs you are. I moved to this city last year in the summer and I have never been happier.

  • Thinking art = good air conditioning places

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