You win some, you lose some

The Montreal municipal election results are in, or at least most of them are. Some great things happened that really set Montreal on a course of progress. Meanwhile, other things happened, or rather didn’t happen, that keep us right where we are, in a mire of corruption and pro-corporate cronyism.

It all depends on how you look at things, or rather how see the glass of water (insert water meter scandal joke here). Forget the Box now offers you two different views of what happened, take your pick:

The glass half full

The scene at Le National was electric. There was hope in the air and people were celebrating. It wasn’t the victory everyone had hoped for, but it was progress and quite a bit of it, at that. A few weeks ago Forget The Box endorsed Projet Montreal and Richard Bergeron as the party capable of bringing new, progressive ideas to City Hall (read more)

The glass half empty

Despite eight years in power with not much to show for it except a trail of corruption, Gerald Tremblay will remain the mayor of Montreal. This means that projects he has given the green light to will most likely continue, including former petty thief and fraudster, now thug developer Christian Yaccarini’s Quadrilatere St-Laurent. The mayor seemed pretty adamant during his last administration (read more)

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