Zionism, and The Art of the Rant

Sometimes I simply get caught up in the emotion of my ranting and say something stupid, or dangerous, or something I’ll regret later. I also might embellish it here and there for flavour. Rants are rants, and therefore don’t always have to be 100% fact-based when dealing with my own prejudiced opinions. I do, however, realize that the correct facts must be there, and that editing is often needed, especially when information needs to get updated. I also realize that my rants don’t always make sense, and can seem biased. Even I don’t always agree with what I write.

I can sometimes be that irascible punk who can’t be wrong but is constantly at odds with everyone else in the room. Sometimes I have to fight to get my point across. Sometimes I can be just as stubborn and annoyingly repetitive as the next guy. Sometimes, I know my attitudes and opinions will be viewed as just plain wrong. I do my best still to at least get the facts straight as I understand them.

For example, unlike some of my colleagues at Forget The Box – and being part Israeli – I am a proud, hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool Zionist. My definition of Zionism, however, differs completely from that of the vast majority of Anti-Zionists.

I know we’re nowhere near perfect, but then, I’ve never heard of a refugee from Israel, either.

I do very strongly believe that the state of Israel has the right to exist, and if she must defend herself in order to continue existing, then that’s what she must do. Peace is always preferable, but if peace is not a given option, because certain dictators don’t like your tiny democracy being in their proverbial backyards, they will not hesitate to attack and teach their peasants to hate and despise those who are in a democracy, partly because of jealousy. Many a despotic leader has taught his citizens lies, utilizing the school systems as well as propaganda campaigns. Many of these lies find their way back into North American and European university campuses, sometimes as slogans,   and are treated as gospel fact.

I find it very hard not to take it personally when somebody tells me that I should have never been born. When someone tells me that my family or ancestry should have been wiped out many generations ago, but someone screwed up. I find that extremely hurtful.

Maybe that isn’t the best example, but it’s something I feel very strongly about. I believe that terrorism in general and especially suicide terrorism is a truly deplorable practice, and I have been the victim of it.

Having said all of this, I believe that those who wish to exclude themselves have every right to. I believe that those who call themselves “Palestinians” should have their own land and country if they desire it. As Theodore Herzl wrote, “If you will it, it is no dream.” While he was talking about the formation of the state of Israel, it may   still be applied to other people who wish to build countries as well.

In conclusion, I still say, as always, “believe what you want to believe, and I’ll do the same and believe what I want to believe.” Beliefs such as these are not worth losing friendships over.

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  • I’ve heard of refugees from Israel, Israeli law has absolutely no fondement in zionism. They are still under international protectorat and being moroccan myself I can tell you a thing or two about being dyed-in-the-wool and israel being the last zionist entity you will encounter.

    Israel being refered to as a she is an invitation I find rather distabilizing, its like laughing at chair-playing.

    Israel is not a democracy and any die-hard israeli can tell you just that. it is fractured in so many sub-division because of the fact that it hasnt taken its very independance yet. how many zionist old families are now living in Israel? I bet less than 5% but who knows.
    When Israel got given the right to exist although the country was under siege for centuries, it was told to play nice, welcome everyone give from its best and keep its worse.
    They are more heart breaking things to say about pure and hardon zionism than just that.

    I find your being way too soft and youre opening doors for mild rethoric.

    And btw those who concider themselves palestinian can just move to turquey and do a new yogoslavian myth to go join the old christianhood of byzancia.

    -south africa.

  • and we dont rent we either blow up bridges or build walls.
    we dicuss when there is a certain method of debate and a certain place fit for said debate and no its not witchcraft or black magick rituals but it may give socialism and karl marx a new idea.
    we are not lazzy we take our time, we like always checking facts and double checking ressources and we hate bias because bias means weakenss.
    and the reason why zionism is linked to super duper straight hardcore religiousness is that all its best basis come from that very student-teacher methodology of knowledge and art transmission.

    ok I’ll go smoke a cigarette take a shower and go visit my grand parents.

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